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128 Special Solvent
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128 Special Solvent

Innovative special dissolver with effective rust converter effect for loosening vehicle components that have seized due to corrosion, e.g. injectors and rims on the wheel hub.

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Rust converter effect:

  • Rust is converted into durable iron(III) compounds by a chemical process

  • The porous rust structure is turned into a smooth metallic structure

  • Properties

  • Dissolves thick layers of rust

  • Effective rust converter effect with high penetrability

  • Works effectively deep into the material thanks to special surfactants

  • Aqueous base

  • Application area

  • To enable easy dismantling of jammed (rusted) injection valves or injectors

  • Rims that are jammed on the wheel hub due to corrosion

  • Screw connections that have become stuck due to corrosion

  • Instructions

    Clean grease and oil from parts. Spray generously and direct onto the parts to be loosened. Then leave to work for about 30 minutes and rinse off the dissolved dirt by spraying again.


  • Wear protective gloves and safety goggles during application

  • Pre-treating the surface with standard rust removers weakens the performance of the product

  • Do not use on painted or plastic surfaces

  • If necessary, apply to an inconspicuous area first to check the material compatibility

  • For thick layers of rust, extend the penetration time

  • Follow the instructions on the packaging as well as those in the current safety data sheet and the operating instructions