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641 Intercooler Cleaner
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641 Intercooler Cleaner

Improves the cooling performance of the charge air cooler. Clears the radiator of dirt from construction site and insect contamination, without needing a complex removal. Protects against salt water and aluminium corrosion after cleaning.

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  • Optimal material compatibility thanks to the improved recipe (manufacturer release by BEHR)

  • Prevents engine damage due to lack of cooling (due to the radiator being dirty)

  • Saves time and money because the radiator does not need to be removed

  • Gently and reliably removes insects and dirt from construction sites

  • Provides protection against salt water

  • With aluminium corrosion protection

  • Application area

  • For external charge air cooler cleaning (without radiator removal)

  • For the cleaning of aluminium roller doors, aluminium tanks and aluminium rims

  • Instructions

    Spray cleaner with TUNAP 1800 high-pressure cleaner and suitable combination probe onto the radiator. Allow to soak in for 5 minutes and rinse with water. Observe Service Information SI 641.


    Concentration 1:50.